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Top Five Cholesterol Myths

Health care savvy Americans, confident in their cholesterol knowledge, may be in for a surprise. Knowing their cholesterol numbers-and […]

Cholesterol Causes

What Causes High Cholesterol

Many things can cause high cholesterol, including: Diet. Eating too much saturated fat and cholesterol can raise your cholesterol. […]

Natural Cholesterol Guide

Improve Your Cholesterol

How To Improve Cholesterol Levels Naturally

You have many ways to lower the Cholesterol levels naturally. Be away from the drugs that control the Cholesterol levels because they can be dangerous for you ,as they may cause liver and immune problems, general weakness and weaken the muscles, and also it may be cancer risk. Here are the natural ways that lowers your Cholesterol: 1) Lifestyle changes. 2) Reducing stress. 3) Exercise. 4) Giving up smoking. 5) Diet. And a magic secret which is: Drinking more water. How can you do that? 1) Lifestyle […]

Cholesterol Diets And The Way Forward For Healthier Living

More people are becoming aware of their own health and fitness needs in these modern times. As part of this new awareness of a persons general health is the realisation that cholesterol level is very important and having the correct level can reduce your chance of heart disease which is a major killer in the modern world. The first thing to do is to get tested properly and find out what your cholesterol level is and then finding out importantly the difference between good cholesterol and bad […]

Check Your Health – Learn About Cholesterol

You will know that just how healthy you are when you check your cholesterol on a regularly basis. You will also find that your doctor will break down that report so that you have several numbers and a real understanding of just how healthy you are. With all the medical advances, that you will come across you’ll be able to know exactly what part of your cholesterol is out of control and how your overall progress is doing. You will be getting the numbers with an explanation, […]

Maintain Normal Cholesterol Levels As If Your Life Depended On It

Normal cholesterol levels are found in over half of Americans. Normal cholesterol levels are usually associated with a lower risk for cardiovascular disease, but not always. Normal cholesterol levels are also necessary in the formation of lipid rafts, such as caveolae and detergent-resistant membrane domains. As a general rule the GOOD cholesterols are good for you and the BAD cholesterols are NOT good for you. If you are overweight, eat an unhealthy diet, or have a family history of high cholesterol, get your levels checked regularly. Reduce […]